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Maylis Cao

Maylis started her Yoga journey a few years ago as she was drawn by the quality of Dharana (Concentration). After a few years of working in the international commodity trading company, she decided to leave & pursue yoga. Maylis is now a recognized 500HR Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga instructor and E-RYT200 accredited by Yoga Alliance US. She is also a Sound Healing Therapist.
She is constantly working on deepening her practice and knowledge in Yoga. She believes Yoga is all about the unification of Mind, Body, and Soul. Ultimately, it’s between you and your mat.


Careen is a certified RYT200 instructor in Hatha Vinyasa. She fell in love with Yoga when she first experienced it 10 years ago. Since then, she has always been wanting to find out the true essence of yoga practice and finally got accredited for personal growth. She hopes to share her love of yoga with others - for others to also treat themselves with compassion.


Hanna started practicing yoga in 2015 and decided to pursue her RYT200 in March 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. She is trained in Svinanda Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Meditation. An introvert at heart, teaching yoga allowed her to  build a connection and community with others. Off the mat, you’ll find her in a cafe drinking coffee, creating content for her beauty and lifestyle blog or traveling exotic parts of the world.


Cath is a certified Yoga Instructor, Myofasical Release Body Worker and Gong Player. Intuitive, grounded and down to earth, Cath is a strong believer of Mindful Movement, and helping others feel better through Myofascial Release and Sound Therapy. Come join her one of these days on the mat and experience joyful practice!


Daryll is a certified yoga instructor & yoga therapist (RYT200 Hatha Vinyasa). He is trained in  spine pathologies and backache management. He is also a competitive athlete who discovered that yoga has significantly improved his performance following consistent practice. He's now dedicated to helping people reap the same benefits! His interests lie primarily in helping people understand that yoga is a practice that embraces all body types and it always offers a safe space for one to seek solace and unwind.


Jeanette’s entire life has been immersed in movement and fitness. She loves the feeling of freedom in both her body and mind through practicing and teaching yoga. 

Jeanette has a passion to learn and evolve. Her yoga teaching has grown to include modern research in functional strength and flexibility. As a teacher she demands the best of you - expect to leave her classes feeling energised and balanced the next day!

Lifetime of learning:  200 RYT-Certified Yoga, AcroYoga, AcroFit, AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga & Suspension Fitness, Functional Range Conditioning Specialist, Kinstretch, Stick Mobility.


Brenda is an athlete since young and fell in love with Acroyoga on her first flight. It brought nostalgic memories of her first flying experience in Cheerleading.

She has been in the practice for many years and is an experienced flyer. She leverages her cheerleading and gymnastics experiences to create spatial awareness and these passions allows her to share the practice in a fun and safe manner.

Experience your first flight with Brenda!


An RYT200 certified teacher specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Vivian is passionate about providing a holistic, inclusive and empowering practice for all. Her style of teaching focuses on the union of breath and movement to increase awareness of the unconscious in the mind and body, as well as helping students to practice safely while building strength and increasing mobility.

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