Gong...sound bath? What's that? | Gong Sound Bath at Whole Yoga Singapore

Gong...sound bath? What's that?

Gong sound bath (meditation) is a very powerful mindful practice that induces deep relaxation. The sound and vibrational energy of Gong is phenomenal in helping to calm our mind down -- especially in this frantic world we're living in today.

I come from a world filled with numbers, data and analytics. My style of work is through short bursts of energy and adrenaline. And to tell you the truth, I was initially skeptical myself. Until... I tried going for a session myself. I went in with an open mind, and believe it or not, it helped me. It helped to quiet my adrenaline-driven head; to help me find true rest. And I don't really mean physical rest -- it was a feeling of rejuvenation in the mind.

So I went to do more research about this. The history of Gong in the use of yoga itself goes back thousands of years ago -- when it was used as a symbol of peace through its positive vibrations. Today, Gong is used as a sound healing tool in our modern society.

What happens during a Gong session

During the GONG SOUND BATH session, participants will find a comfortable position (usually lying down), while they receive energy through the vibrations of Gong. Within our body, our organs are vibrating at a specific frequency. Stressful environment, trauma, anger produce a dischord within our body. The Gong Sound Bath then, would release vibrations that provide resonance for the dissonance to tune. When each of these sections are tuned, it creates a harmony in your body.

Not surprisingly, our brain also reacts to these vibrations. We catch and synchronise our brain with the frequency released through the sound of Gong. The result is entrainment - a phenomenon where our body syncs with strong, external rhythms to clear the discord in the body.

Of course, the effect of Gong is different on everybody, as we're all different in our make-up.

You can try it out yourself. Our Gong Sound Bath session is held every Saturday, 2:15pm. Eye masks, blanket, pillows, yoga bolsters will be provided -- so you need only bring yourself -- and... an open mind.


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